Monday, March 17, 2008

I think spring is coming. I'm hoping spring is coming. Winter has left me a little cabin feverish, and I'm dying to get outside and walk regularly (as opposed to trying to push a stroller through mounds of snow and ice). I've atoned for my lack of outdoor physical activity by doing Pilates inside at least 4 times a week. I'm enjoying it ... and actually sticking to it this time. Hurray for self control.

Easter is this weekend, which seems far too early for me, but I'm excited nonetheless. Easter is always a cool time of year, not just because it is a beautiful celebration of the mercy of God, but because 4 years ago, on Easter Sunday 2003, I was baptized. I always end up remembering that time ... it brings back a whole flood of memories, thoughts and feelings. Above all, it makes me so joyful that I am a daughter of the Most High -- the One that crafted our universe, the One who bought His People with His blood, the One that stoops down and guides our lives according to His master plan. There is so much significance in being God's child. My worth, purpose and daily grind of life has eternal meaning ... and that is something I treasure so much.

Jakob is almost 5 months (on Sunday) .. and has somehow changed into a little boy without us noticing when. His personality and character have continued making themselves known .. it's awesome to watch a person develop day to day. He's rolling over from back to front, and front to back, starting to sit up for a few seconds before toppling over, he's learned how to "kiss" (he's a little bit aggressive ... his kisses feel more like someone is trying to eat you), and has developed the painful habit of grabbing on for dear life whatever piece of you he can find (usually hair and skin! I wasn't aware that your neck skin stretched out so far...).

Kev is still in the chaos of school. He's done April 16th, so one month to go, but don't tell him that. It makes me happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it makes Kev freak out, because he only has one more month to work on his project. Many prayers are going up on his behalf ... for his sanity, health, and his role as leader of the team. We are also looking at the middle of April as the time he starts looking for a fulltime job. He was pretty much planning on going back to his co-op position but that option has been put in question, so the world is his playground at this point. I'm very interested to see what will come of his job hunt, and where he'll end up working.

I'm almost done my school semester as well ... one major assignment to finish, and a small exercise, and I'm DONE! I found out today that my next course needed for my certificate is not available in the summer semester, so I have it off! Not that it's a huge time commitment, but it's nice to not have deadlines looming every week for "papers". Papers being in quotation marks because it's college, and their versions of papers are significantly different than I'm used to.

The wedding season is starting to come up too ... I'm pumped because my cousin Travis is getting married in Guelph in May, which means we can go to the wedding AND see all my family that we haven't seen since our wedding (and really, who has lots of time to visit at your own wedding!). They'll all get to meet Jakob too. The other exciting wedding of the year, is Dan W & Joyce's wedding ... Kev was asked to be a groomsmen, which always makes it more special.

Oh ... and speaking of exciting things, plans for Europe are really starting to take shape .. (at least some of them), and I'm so looking forward to seeing The Netherlands, Germany and France for 2 weeks. Our car is rented (a Mitsibuishi Colt), and all that's left to do is plan a final itinerary and book hotels and such. Some people think we're crazy for doing Europe with an 8 month old, but more and more I'm looking forward to being in Europe with Jakob. Not that he'll get too much from the trip, but I already enjoy showing him things closer to home, and having him be part of the trip makes it that much more richer. But I'll let you know how it goes. I'm already thinking Gravol would be handy for the plane ....

Anyways, my son is playing with his blankets in his crib, and it's time for me to feed him again. Amazing how fast 3 hours goes.

Til I post again ...

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