Tuesday, August 05, 2008

summer 2008

We've had a really full summer so far - we left for a 17 day tour of Holland, Germany & France in the middle of June, got back early July, and since then have visited Chris & Rach in Grand Rapids, been part of Dan & Joyce's wedding (Kev was a groomsmen) and planned and attended my parents 25th wedding anniversary party. In between busy weekends Kev found a job -- which he is starting today actually.

He's now working at McCallum Sather Architects in Hamilton as a Technologist. We're really thankful for the job and the opportunity, and grateful that he's found work in the area and doesn't have to commute to Toronto every day.

I'm loving the stage of life I'm in right now. Jakob is wonderfully charming, cute & extremely active. He's now 9.5 months and standing (for brief moments), walking if you hold his hands or if he's pushing something and can say "Mom". It's so much fun.

Jakob now has two longer naps in the day and so this gives me the chance to have some time to myself, whether that be reading, cleaning, surfing, cooking, etc. I'm finally able to actually get into books again.

Speaking of naps, I should really utilize Jakob's current one. So it's just a quick update to let y'all know that we ARE alive, and well, and busy. But such is what life is made of, right?

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