Saturday, November 22, 2008

guilted into it

I'm posting because I think I owe it to all of you people that read this and are tired of thinking about the Reformation. I've been uninspired, too tired and too busy to write lately. Getting through the day with a modicum of energy left and my to-do list somewhat accomplished is about the extent of my creativity.

K&I are really too busy. We really are. We are out a lot of nights right now and when we are home, and supposed to be catching up on home stuff we are just too tired. Jakob walk-runs everywhere now, so keeping him in line is busier too. He's really cute though -- he loves to imitate us and it's quite comical. He "talks" on the phone, "prays" before and after meals (the after meal thing was kinda weird, because we never do that, but every time we finish a meal he starts praying, so now we've started too) and now he kisses us. Sometimes he gets his tongue into things, so we're trying to nip that in the bud. He thinks it's funny. He calls me mom, and sometimes it sounds like this: "mooooom". I can't believe he's got the teenage version of my name down already. But yeah, being parents to a one year old is sometimes surreal, and mostly awesome. There's nothing quite like watching your tiny offspring toddle around the house making cute sounds and being goofy while cuddling on the couch.

Next weekend is Living Worship in Woodstock, and I'm really excited for this event. We're doing it on prayer, and instead of a speaker we are thinking about prayer, and spending a good chunk of time in prayer following the ACTS model. The group I'm in is doing the confession portion of the model, and it's been really good to think about something that so easily can not become part of prayer.

The weekend after that is Messiah. I'm beyond stoked to sing. Everything is starting to come together music wise, and I'm finding my voice now can just fly through notes without thinking whereas before I was struggling. You should come if you can. I mean, I know that the solos can be a little crazy, but on the whole it's amazing and if you do come, I'm sure you'll see me crying through the last song, Worthy is the Lamb/Amen. :)

Tomorrow is my 23rd birthday -- not sure what Kev has planned, but I think it's gonna be a low-key affair this year. Some years my new age seems to not fit, but this year I definitely feel like I'm 23.

So yes, that's my guilt trip post so that you can all read something new. Hope you enjoyed.

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justine said...

:) thanks for the update, sar!
see ya friday!