Thursday, March 12, 2009


I enjoy these moments so much -- the ones where Jakob is peacefully cuddling his "blankie" in bed, oblivious to the world, and where I sit down with a hot beverage. I know that I won't always have this privilege, so I'm treasuring the moments when I get them!

Since Kev has gotten back from Switzerland, I've been thinking more about how much I treasure him too ... 4 days away doesn't seem that long in retrospect, but it was enough time to realize that I take him for granted (already, after only 3 years!!). Someone at church last night told me that they see Kev and I have such a loving marriage ... and it made me remember again that we are utterly and completely blessed by God. To sum up, Kev, if you're reading this -- I love you like crazy.

The rest of you can now choke back the gagging and move on with your days. :)

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justine said...

aaaahahahhaah nice. :P