Wednesday, August 19, 2009

after vacation ponderings

It's only been a little less than three months since I've posted on here -- yikes!

Summer has been busy for us, especially this past month and the next few weeks. Kev and I were able to spend 9 days touring places in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland before we headed to the WorshipGod09 conference in Gaithersburg MD at the beginning of August. It was a child-free vacation which was much simpler and great for just being together. Jakob stayed at my parents for most of the time, and made a one-night stop at Kev's parents before being reunited with us.

We got to see a lot of cool stuff -- Falling Water (the pinnacle of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture work), Gettysburg, a real warm spring - which we bathed in and found so overly warm that we took years off our lives instead of becoming more youthful, toured Annapolis and tryed their famous crab cakes, the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame/Museum in Cleveland ... not to mention driving through the Alleghany Mountains!

The WorshipGod conference was awesome. It involved a lot of stretching mentally and was a crazy busy three days, but we learned and thought about a lot of stuff and had the chance to hear John Piper speak in person. Taking notes from him was intense!

Probably the single biggest thing for me to think about now is how comfort zones and true biblical worship are not necessarily the same. I went to a seminar called Physical Expressiveness in Corporate Worship and was really convicted. I've been suppressing physical expressions of praise for a long time now because I often feel fearful of what people will think of me, or don't want to distract or rock the boat, etc. But I think the Bible is pretty clear that lifting hands, bowing down, kneeling, etc are all not only allowed but GOOD physical expressions of the heart worship that is taking place. Reading the Psalms gives us a pretty clear indication that worship isn't just to be a stoic singing of a hymn. It's actually pretty sad that we express ourselves physically in virtually every other sphere of life, especially the important and intense ones, but don't when praising the Most High God.

So right now I'm trying to figure out the balance between those thoughts and the whole weaker-stronger brother thing. If you have any helpful thoughts for me, they'd be greatly appreciated!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

I read your comment on Bob Kauflin's post, "The Passionate Preaching of John Piper" and found the link to your blog there.

I do have some thoughts on how we can be physically expressive in the context of a formal church, and I wrote about it on my blog, I hope the post is helpful to you and others.