Saturday, October 03, 2009

it's the most wonderful time of the year (except for Christmas, of course)

It's fall. I'm absolutely loving it, even though Kev thinks I'm psycho for enjoying gray skies and colder weather. I think I love all the things that come along with fall more then the weather. As much as I love leaves dancing around and drinking tea curled up on the couch and crisp wood smoke drifting through the window there is something else about this time of year.

It's all the memories and events - 5 years since Kev and I started dating, 4 years since we got engaged, Thanksgiving, 2 years since I met my son face to face, celebrating 24 years of living and now looking forward to meeting my child. Nothing like writing things down to realize how blessed you are...

So yes, Jakob is turning two in 3 weeks. I can not believe it's been two years. He has turned our world upside down and we love it. This past year he has grown so much in maturity and developmentally. His vocabulary alone has gone crazy in the last few months. It's so fun to talk to him in conversations and get a glimpse into what he's thinking. He's still a little squirt, but I don't mind - except for trying to find pants that won't fall down off his skinny waist.

I'm 32 weeks pregnant and both excited and apprehensive about having a newborn in the house again.
I feel good for the most part -- tired, but
that's to be expected. I'm supposed to
take it easy so that I don't go into premature labour, so I'm trying to cut back on my perfectionist tendencies and just relax. I'm enjoying the
guilt free naps and taking a lot of cuddles on the couch with Jakob. The picture at the right is me at 30 weeks.

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You're so beautiful Sar.