Thursday, August 05, 2010

change is constant

This summer has seen three of my sisters married - Rebecca was officially married in Turkey in April, Anne married on May 8 and Michelle (s-i-l) was married on May 15. Rebecca had a Canadian ceremony/reception on July 17 as well. It has been a busy time - but good. It's weird thinking about others in the family being married now - 4+ years had gone by without any siblings married and it was starting to feel like that might be how it always was.

But it was not to be - and I'm loving that I can relate on a marital level to a bunch of my sisters now!

Life has been busy in other ways too - the general settling in/small renovations/etc has seemed to drag on and on and shows no signs of being completed anytime soon. Everyone says that when you own a home the work is never done - and I'm realizing it's ridiculously true. I thought we had lots to keep up on before!

I don't want to complain though - our first house is fantastic. I love the location, the big trees, the quiet neighborhood, our own backyard, three levels to live on, the completely updated and beautiful kitchen with a window looking onto the backyard, the open-ness of the layout, my own washer and dryer, the front deck where we sit in the evening, I could go on. It seems unreal sometimes that God has blessed us (and me specifically) with so many of our wants, let alone needs.

The boys are growing and developing quickly lately. Aiden especially. He's walking with assistance, just got his first tooth, and generally being a nuisance by getting into e-v-erything.I love that boy though -- he's snuggly, and has a great sense of humour, and the way his face and big blue eyes light up in a smile is priceless.
Jakob's imagination is expanding daily - he's always coming up with little games and I love listening to him chatter away as he plays. He's also decided that being a big kid and all, that his business is best done on the toilet. (insert much rejoicing here) I was beginning to worry that he would be the anomaly and actually be that 16 year old who was still in diapers.

So yes, life has been full and full of change and looks like it will just remain that way.

I'm hoping this blog post is the first of a renewed attention to this medium, but we'll see how that pans out. Good intentions are usually just that, right?

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Marlene W said...

Wahoo Jakob! And go Aiden go! Or should I say... slow Aiden slow! :) God is good eh!?