Monday, August 16, 2010

a false saviour

Nature abhors a vacuum. In the absence of a heart given over to God, we cling to pretty much anything as a substitute.

For example, the hope and change that Obama promised. It was like nothing I'd ever seen, watching the fanatical enthusiasm of Obama supporters. They supported a confident, well-spoken, young and maybe most importantly, black man. Never mind that his level of experience was quite low, and that they didn't really know exactly what change he was going to bring, they rallied and cried and voted. Now, eighteen months later the tide has turned. The change they've seen isn't the change they've wanted. Eighteen months in, Obama is old hat and his leadership has left something to be desired. He was a saviour that didn't end up saving.

Or what about technology? Whenever a new technology hits the stage we see all the benefits of it. It will simplify this, and streamline that. We have prided ourselves in our modern culture for our sophistication and for our inventions. They are a saviour for the needs of the day. That is until they become enmeshed in society and we start realizing what they bring isn't all good. Pornography use via the internet has skyrocketed - recent brain studies have shown that porn is re-wiring men's brains. And not for the good either. People are driving erratically while they text and call on cellphones, they are multi-tasking so extensively that they aren't focusing on anything. All of the technology lends itself very easily to addiction ... people looking at their phones a million times while they're out with friends, checking facebook umpteen times a day, and on and on. Now all the data is coming out and we're realizing that technology is a pretty poor saviour too.

It's funny in a pathetic way. We as humans try so hard to find a saviour of our own making, because then we get to dictate the terms, we get to satiate the desires that we think need satiating. We make ourselves into gods, and at the same time, seek a saviour, not realizing how that makes no sense.

Sin is amazing in that it can be totally blatant, and yet fool us into thinking it's subtle. I guess that's why we need our eyes opened by God. There's only one hope, only one Saviour - Jesus Christ. All the rest is an illusion. A pretty illusion, but an illusion nonetheless.

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Daniel Deboer said...

I have to agree.

But let's be clear here, politics and technology are great ways to get things done. Institutional changes like emancipation and women's rights happened because of forward-thinking politicians and brave activists. Revolutionary changes like this blog happened because of forward-thinking engineers and designers.

So politics and technology have their uses, but there's no salvation to be had in them, is there?

(I see lots of people criticizing Obama because they disagree with his politics, rejoicing in whatever hard times he's having, while trying to push their own political solution to spiritual problems. That's irony for you.)