Saturday, August 21, 2010

I have no inspiration for a pithy title.

J is full of hilarious takes on things lately - he commented the other day as I put on a headband that I looked like an angel - "you have a wing on your head, Mommy!" Wing, halo, whatever. It's refreshing to hear from someone just learning about the world and not someone used to everything. I pray every day that I won't take life for granted, but I still do.
We're teaching A about the stairs, and how he's not supposed to go near them. He knows, oh he knows. But you can see his mind on his face as he contemplates going for it. He starts off fast and then slows as he gets nearer, and then I say sternly, "A!" and he sits, flaps his arms and grins like an idiot. He's a good listener though, even if he does think it's a game, because he turns around obediently and goes somewhere else.

We're going to the Carey Conference tomorrow for the day, and then heading back on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to some great teaching, worship and fellowship. There's just something about hundreds of voices praising God in song that leaves me wanting more, much more.

We've spent the summer visiting churches, mostly churches from the Sovereign Grace Fellowship, the group of churches associated with ours. We've visited Grace Bible in Cambridge, Grace Fellowship in Toronto, West Highland in Hamilton, Guelph Trinity in Guelph, Grimsby Bible in Grimsby, and we're planning on Binbrook Baptist in Binbrook and visiting my parents at Sovereign Grace in Sarnia. It's been really awesome visiting around and worshiping with sister churches. You get accustomed to the same routine on a Sunday and it sometimes stops you from truly worshiping. Going somewhere new forces you to pay attention, to think through the service. Since K teaches Sunday School in the rest of the year we rarely go anywhere else and so we took the opportunity this summer.

The kettle is boiling, so it's time to go. A cup of tea awaits.

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