Friday, August 27, 2010

summers-end thoughts

I love the look of a freshly mown lawn. Especially when it's my lawn, and it means I have my own patch of grass to enjoy. I also love the sound of other people mowing their lawns - I guess it's a summer sound. Sometimes I wonder why it takes me so long to actually do something that bothers me when it's undone. Like the lawn for example ... it was left behind this past week as other things took precedence. But every time I looked out the window it annoyed me. So yesterday morning I just mowed it instead of thinking about all the other things I could do and it's made me happy every time I look out the window since. That says something about my mind, definitely.

The summer is wrapping up. Hard to believe ... the Carey conference is over, which is definitely a signal that summer is drawing to a close, this past week has even been chilly at times, and I'm starting to get ready to have the schedule back. But not quite yet.

I had kind of given myself the summer to get settled into a new routine here. The late spring months were pretty chaotic ... I just couldn't seem to figure out how to balance everything. So when Beginnings approached me about volunteering at the beginning of the summer, I said I need the summer to figure things out and think about it. And so here I am. I have definitely gotten into a rhythm but I've realized that I need to make my priorities more limited. I am prone to jumping on a number of fantastic bandwagons and then realizing that they are all moving at the same time and that I have to jump off one or two in order to stay sane and come through on my commitments. (I'm not sure I should have stretched that analogy that far.) My priorities HAVE to be glorifying Christ through serving Kev and the boys right now. After that there's some room for serving at church/:LW. Limited room, only. Past that, I can't do what I'd like to. Running a young mom's group at the Living Rock sounds amazing, but it's not my time. I guess I have to trust that God will use me where He's asked me to serve and that beyond that He doesn't need me. Imagine that, God doesn't need me to do what He's planning. A little humbling...

Hope you have a great weekend!

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