Saturday, August 07, 2010


This world is such a juxtaposition of extremes.

It's a beautiful Saturday morning - sun streaming in through the windows, lush green all around, the possibilities abound for enjoyable pursuits. But there are children dying abandoned in Uganda right now, there are young girls being stripped of all worth in the slave trade, there are women choosing to murder their unborn offspring, there are men gambling away their life-savings and making destitute their families, there are any number of horrible activities going on. Like they say, all you have to do is read the paper and you'll know somethings wrong with the world.

I just don't get how things can seem so good, and at the same time, so bad. Sometimes I don't know how to live in this world - if I should be constantly grieving, or if I should be thankful for my blessings, or if I should give away everything for the people who don't have anything - how do I live a whole life in a broken world?

And why have I been given so many good things when there are people whose lives are wracked with suffering? Why are my children growing up in a place where adults don't abuse them, where they can have clean and healthy bodies, where they know love?

I know grace makes life unfair - we can't make this world a communist ideal no matter how hard we try. The poor will always be with you, Jesus said. That didn't make Him immune to their need though. It's just hard to reckon with all this in a non-divine mind. I can't wait for the new heavens and earth.

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