Tuesday, August 24, 2010

silent screaming

Some days are just not good days. I don't know what it is about them - they just really aren't good. J cries about everything, A doesn't want to nap, doesn't want to play, doesn't want anything except me to hold him.
They tag team me all day - J screaming about nothing and me enforcing quiet time on the couch ... and then I turn around to A gagging on a leaf he found on the floor. J screaming, A almost choking, me trying desperately to hold on to some sanity in the midst of this.

My policy for this type of behaviour is sleep. Not sleep for me, but sleep for them. Unfortunately, these are also the days where it takes A (who usually falls asleep in .5 seconds) a good 1/2 hour of screaming and wailing and me attempting to be firm and loving at the same time. J also picks these days to take an hour to fall asleep. And again, I try to hold on to my sanity. I say to myself "opportunity, opportunity, opportunity" instead of "inconvenience, inconvenience, inconvenience".

It's a grey day, with a to-list that stretches on for forever and any motivation to accomplish anything gone out of the window after the umpteenth frustration.

This is today. Pizza for dinner tonight.

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Marleah said...

Hallelujah for pizza. Hang in there, Sarah!