Monday, August 09, 2010

the weekend

So the weekend is done. Just like that, we're back into the same ol', same ol'. I had great hopes of accomplishing some bigger jobs this weekend, but everything (read J&A) seemed to be conspiring to keep us from getting anywhere fast.

We had a great Sunday - we worshiped with Grimsby Bible Church and spent the day with J&L Thibault, feasting on steak & chicken and fresh muffins (not at the same time, of course). It was good to catch up with them and enjoy their new home and cool kids.

Aiden now has two teeth. They are like little razors and he enjoys sinking them into things. You can imagine how this might cause pain for me. Oh, and they are also making him wake up at various times of the night for comfort from, you guessed it, me. I'm in such high demand, you'd think I'd feel honored, but it's just making me feel tired.
That seems to be a common theme lately.

Anyways, I should probably use the energy that I do have and actually get to work. There are things to put away and things to pick up and things to clean and things to ... you get the idea. Adios.

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