Thursday, September 09, 2010

books and more books

So I'm the librarian at my church. I love it. I get to think about and look at and buy books. Of course, it also involves reading them, but most of my time is spent getting the library in order. It's been a long haul - due to the fact that I procrastinate and that the shelving isn't even ready for books yet. The shelving is not my fault though, so I feel a bit better about my procrastinating.

So far about 900 books have been catalogued, 500 of which have also needed to be labeled. It's a time-consuming process, figuring out the Dewey system, adding the book to the catalogue and then stamping, labeling and marking the book so that it clearly belongs to the library. I don't even know how many more need to be catalogued, but I'm guessing somewhere in the 300-500 range.

The end is coming into sight though .. and I'm really excited to make the library usable again. I'm also really excited that I'll have some more time to actually read all of these books that I've selected. Here's hoping that I'll keep my motivation level up and actually finish this project!

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Marleah said...

That sounds like the coolest job ever! I'll admit, I'm a little jealous... :)