Wednesday, September 08, 2010

i have a boy

J comes to me after playing outside in the crisp wind with a bedraggled dandelion in his hand. The yellow flower droops and his dirt covered fingers hold it tight. "I have a flower" he says. "It's for you!" He hands it to me and I tuck it in my hair as I usually do. "I have some rocks in my pocket" he proudly exclaims. I check, and sure enough there is a small collection. "This one is a fish", he says, and as I pull out another one and ask what that one is, he tells me that it's a fish too.

He's covered in dusty dirt. His pants have turned two shades lighter and his coat looks it's been rolled in mud. He's done playing outside he tells me, and so I dust him off - which he finds amusing. We figure out where to keep the rocks so that A doesn't eat them and he runs off to play another game. It's a beautiful life.

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