Wednesday, December 22, 2010


"We look at the church of Christ as Christians today and it is characterized by confusion.

There is a large library in the center of the city of Glasgow called the Mitchell Library ... this huge black building, blackened with smoke over hundreds of years ... and then one day, scaffolding went up all around it. And then there was tarpaulin over the scaffolding. And then for months there were workmen working behind that scaffolding. The noise and the commotion. Drilling. Pressure washing. And you're thinking what is going on under there!? But then a day came when the the tarpaulin came off and the scaffolding came down.And there was this building in it's pristine glory.

There is a day coming when God takes down the scaffolding and removes all of the confusion and the Church of Christ will be presented as a spotless bride before Him. We shall be changed into His likeness and we will forever be with the Lord."

- Bill Hughes

So encouraging that even in this mess of denominations and scandal and poor loving of our neighbour and the battle between what we should be and ought to be - God is working and everything is still according to plan. One of these days the tapestry is going to be turned over and the crazy mess of threads will have made a perfect picture.

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