Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Change is interesting. Bittersweet often. When you're wrapping up parts of your life that have given you outlet, joy and amazing experiences, I find myself looking back and looking forward and wondering if I'll ever have something like it again.

Living Worship has officially "dis-banded". It's been 5 and 1/2 years since we began. That's a long time - we started before K and I got engaged and we've continued even through two children. I'm passionate about worshiping God, about using the talent, creativity and gifts that we've been given to help others praise Him too.

However, life moves on. I am grateful beyond words for the opportunity we were given. I am thankful that God used us, even in a small way, to lift up His name. I am so honored that people chose to spend time with us, worshiping God together. I have learned so much. There were difficult times and good times as a group, but we were a group and we made some beautiful and awesome music together.

I wonder often - what's next? 

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