Friday, March 11, 2011


It was International Woman's Day this past week. I barely noticed ... and that was okay. I wasn't looking for a standing ovation just because God created me a certain gender. But the whole thing got me thinking. I'll be the first to admit that my thoughts here are far from original, and far from new. However, I think they're still worth writing down.
Isn't IWD just an overreaction to a problem? I am so thankful for people who stood up and protested and fought for rights for women. I am so thankful to vote, to be able to earn a living if I need to, to be able to learn at a higher level. This is all good.
What isn't so good is that now womanhood is almost god-hood. At least in the mind of some, and lots of the media.
Unfortunately, it's not god-hood. Not even close, and in the process of elevating womanhood to a rank that it doesn't deserve it it's had to push back on the only other gender in the running. Men.
I don't want to be a man. Especially in my cultural and generational context. I mean, besides all of the hair and "manly" smells - it's a tough gig.
Men are portrayed as stupid all of the time ... almost every show I can think of that generates any type of laugh, men are the butt of the joke. Imagine the tables turned. Very unlikely.
All over university campuses they are becoming a minority. Boys are growing up without any interest in reading and learning, just perpetuating a cycle of problems.

Why is this?

I wonder if it has to do with the fact that part of the make up of the man is a need for respect. Perhaps some of the issues we see today can be traced back to when girl power triumphed through demeaning men.

I am thankful for the men in my life. They have challenged, encouraged, loved and respected me. They have exhibited true man-hood. They have made priorities of things that ultimately matter. I am most thankful for my number one man. He is not without faults - but I am hoping my boys grow up to be like him. I am so grateful that they get to watch a man like him live in this world - a man who lives like one and who knows how to honor women. I want to be a woman who is confident enough in who God made me and what He's called me to do that I don't feel the need to demean the other sex in order to make myself look more important than I am. I want to respect my boys as they become men - respect their personalities, respect their growth, respect who they are. They are the next men - I hope by the time they get there that our world has grown tired of side-lining them.

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