Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the second

My second boy is beautiful. He has this contagious smile that lights up his face and mischievously creeps across his face when he knows he's in the wrong. His cheeks are perfectly big. He has these big blue eyes that are at times squinty happy, wide and calm, and twinkling.
He loves to listen to music and enthusiastically claps and kicks his feet whenever a song or part of a song strikes his fancy.
He and his Dad like to lay down together after supper and read books ... he still needs lots of cuddles and comes for them himself. We really don't mind in the least.
He is stubborn and gets quite upset if he doesn't get his own way. Aren't we all? We just hide it better.
He knows how to say "no", "ball", "amen", "boom", "go,go,go" and multiple animal sounds. He's not quite as quick to speak as J but communicates just as much, if not more.
He loves his big brother. Every morning he pounds on J's door and tries desperately to reach the handle in order to wake him up to begin a day of play with him.
We could read together for a long time - he loves books and especially his favorites.
He excitedly runs to the bathroom every night to brush his teeth and then runs giggling out of the bathroom with the toothbrush because he knows he's supposed to stay in the bathroom while brushing.
He loves food and starts yelling and waving his arms if I even mention the word snack. He is often found ransacking the cereal cupboard between meals. 
He is one years old (16 months) now and life is hard to remember before he entered our world, calmly and hungry.
I am so thankful for him.

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