Thursday, May 05, 2011

domestic funk

Someone once wrote that their domesticity came in waves. I can whole-heartedly concur with that. This has been a week where the wave of domesticity has yet to wash over the home. Making K's lunch this morning was interesting - I showed him the conglomeration of food I came up with and he responded "are you for real?"

We're surviving just fine though. J&A are still happily playing, even though the floor desperately needs to be washed and you can write your name in the dust.

Last night as I was hastily making breakfast for dinner, I looked out of the window just in time to see A scoop up a handful of dirt, gaze at it, and then pop it in his mouth. He spewed it out immediately and started chewing. It made my night. He is really not discriminating ... this morning having licked deodorant.

Speaking of domesticity, I need to work on some. Enjoy the sunshine (finally!).

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Marleah said...

:) Nicely said. I miss you; we need to plan another play-date soon!