Wednesday, June 29, 2011

catching up

The past few days have been not-so-fun around here. Last Friday night we had a great BBQ with friends from the LivingWorship crowd - good times catching up and enjoying food and a nice glass(es) of white. We were planning on another BBQ with some friends from church for the Saturday night until I got a call mid-way through errands on Saturday morning that J had just thrown up and had a fever. There is nothing like sudden sickness to make all your previously thought out plans come to nothing.
So since then we've gone through the stomach flu with J, both of them running fevers off and on, and now A has croup. Which I hear lasts about 5-6 days and we're on day 2. Insert words of exhaustion here.
I am still hoping to go strawberry picking tomorrow morning, but really have no idea what will happen with that now!

I picked some fresh rhubarb a couple of weeks ago - and now have a bunch of bags frozen.

I love the smell when it's cut - and the bright green and red of the stems.

I made a rhubarb sour cream pie and rhubarb squares as well. My favorite way to bake is with fresh fruit!

The boys are loving the summer - freezies and the park, bike rides in the bike trailer, sidewalk chalk and digging up Mom's garden. I love seeing their faces when we announce something amazing is going to happen, like a visit to the RBG or ice cream outside after dinner or a visit to a friends. Life is made up of all sorts of small and meaningful moments and they realize them so much more than I do.

There is lots more I could say about life lately, but the lunch table is still covered with banana and remnants of sandwiches and it's time to start planning dinner. (I know, you're supposed to do that in the morning - but I rarely, rarely think about it until about 2pm or later.)

Enjoy the sun and the wind!


Anonymous said...

I'm very happy to know that something 'amazing' like going to RBG included us! :) I love your kids Sarah, hope they are all better soon!

Grace said...

Never tried rhubarb sour cream pie...sounds good!