Thursday, October 20, 2011

early (so very early) Christmas prep

the first VH family Christmas photo ... circa 2007

I've already been thinking about getting family pictures done this year - both because it seems like a good time what with K and I being married five+ years and the boys both being done the rapidly changing baby stage. Oh, and I want a good shot for my Christmas cards.

I stumbled upon this site the other day while blog-hopping and found a large amount of highly customizable Christmas (and other) cards. I'm finding it pretty difficult to actually pick a design! I signed up for a promotion where I use my blog to connect others to Shutterfly and they give me 25 free cards. Not a bad deal at all!

In the past few years we have done email Christmas cards, but it just doesn't have quite the same experience as getting Christmas cards in the mail. Plus when they include pictures it's pretty sweet for the fridge.

Anyways, regardless of your Christmas card plans - and if you don't have any yet because it's only October (sheesh, Sarah) - if you're looking for a quick and simple way to do cards, check out the links.

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