Monday, May 14, 2012

something is better than nothing!

I feel like this picture might describe the last few months. I can't count how many times we've gotten colds or a flu between the four of us. It seriously has been a pretty sickly few months around here. Combine that with third trimester exhaustion and aches, and you'll understand why I feel like I can never get my head above water. There are less than six weeks until my due date now ... it feels like a long time away still and yet scarily close at the same time.
I haven't had time to read or blog, or take pictures or really do much of anything it seems. I'm hoping this is just a temporary lull in productivity, but with the arrival of number three, I'm sure there won't be much more time for those things for awhile!
J has only five more weeks of school this year - and then we're done for the summer. He's enrolled in Christian school for SK in September, a very bittersweet beginning for me!
We are all enjoying the gorgeous weather ... I love sitting on the front porch on the weekend with my family and just relaxing. Pretty much every day it's above 10 degrees the boys have "the idea to have a picnic!". So we eat lunch outside quite regularly.
In fact they just announced they brought out all we need for a picnic "bagels, cheese, pear". I'm thinking I might need to go actually prepare those items for a lunch!

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Anonymous said...

Although that is a photo of them being sick, it's pretty special.
Keep your chins up :)